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Almost twenty states have enacted by law or regulation the requirement that insurance carriers, self insured entities at either full or partial retention and in some states Third Party Administrators (T.P.A.) must have an S.I.U. fraud training program, a fraud handling plan, and report fraud cases to the prescribed state agency.  To fulfill these regulations, an in-house staff or out-sourced S.I.U. must be identified on Insurance Commission forms.

National Claims Consultants & Investigations has created a contract S.I.U. Division to assist companies with these compliance issues.  The division is managed by experienced investigative managers.

  • Court Qualified Fire and Explosion scene experts on a nationwide basis 

  • A Surveillance Division to plan and manage assignments 

  • A review of suspicious medical claims in Worker’s Compensation or Bodily Injury Claims 

  • Access to all the Electronic Database resources of N.C.C.I.
  • In experienced investigative manager assigned to your account for your direct consultation and assignment oversight 
  • “At Cost” fraud awareness training for your staff in different types of claims matters 

  • Assistance in creating a company fraud plan and reporting compliance procedure 

  • Nationwide coverage and assignment capability through a “Single Point of Contact” 

  • Litigation Support by experienced legal action investigative manager in the areas of: 

                        First Party Fire Defense

                        Subrogation Actions

                        Fraud Claim Litigation

                        Auto Casualty Liability Investigations

                        Vehicle Theft Investigations


For these reasons and resources, the N.C.C.I. contract S.I.U. is your best out-source method to be in compliance with required state fraud reporting.

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